We call it serving, schools call it partnership
Friday, July 19, 2013 at 12:01PM
Serve Your Local School

One of the key features of the Curriculum for Excellence is partnership working. Partnerships facilitate the resourcing of schools and help a school to be embedded in the community.

“Community partners can make significant contributions across all aspects of Curriculum for Excellence. Overall, we find most learning communities are active and vibrant, with community and voluntary groups making important contributions to community life.” 

Learning in Scotland’s communities

It is a misunderstanding to say that churches are barred from playing a role in schools, or that they can only do so if they also cover the beliefs of the other main religions. Of course, Christians must behave appropriately in schools (see the do’s and don’ts of schools work below), but there are plenty of opportunities for churches to serve/partner their local school.

Education Scotland's ‘Experiences and outcomes’ for RME document highlights... How might your church help your local school to deliver some of these?

We hope that our ideas pages – SimpleMedium and Grand – will help you find a way to partner and serve your local school.

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