Easter Code
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 12:27PM
Gail McLay in Bubblegum and Fluff, Easter Code, Grand Ideas for Primary Schools, Grand Ideas for Secondary Schools

Easter Code is an opportunity to invite local school(s) to bring P6 and P7 classes to your church to take part in an interactive exploration of the Easter story. There is a  resource book and CD ROM which outline the 2 hour event, giving a plan for the day, clear instructions on how each ‘station’ should run and what materials are required. The book also spells out how the content of the event fits in with the curriculum and gives a feedback form template for the teachers.

The material is very good but can be adapted easily to suit your situation. For example, the book suggests a series of gazebos to host each station, but not every church uses them.  It can be adapted to suit your group of volunteers, the size of church, and how many rooms you have. You could move around the building; going from upper room scene (in an upstairs room if you have one) to the garden of Gethsemane. One church went outside to see the empty tomb. 

How could you start this yourself?

Find a day which will suit both the school and the church. This will need to be done several months in advance.  A morning slot is easier to run the Easter Code in. In the afternoon you need to watch the timings of the lunch hour, and the end of the school day. You might need to run a shortened version.

Think of your team; when are people available? If you want to run it more than once can people come for two or three mornings, or is a one day event better for them?

Not every volunteer needs to be an ‘up front’ person. It doesn’t need to be a team of youth workers! Someone can take a group around the stations, helping them find the next one. Someone else will have made sure that there is enough craft material for everyone and others can be there to help at the craft station, or sit with the pupils while they listen to the story. Others may be organising a cup of tea for the teachers or the juice for the children. One of the encouraging things about being involved in Easter Code (and its Christmas partner Bubblegum 'n' Fluff) is seeing individuals grow into an enthusiastic team as they step out in faith. 

These resources are from Calderside Learning Community Chaplaincy Team.  More information and how to buy them are available from their website at www.calderside.org.uk.

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