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Running an after school club in a church

It can sometimes be difficult to bridge the gap between school youth work and church based youth work. You often meet young people in school for the first time and it is a great opportunity to build trust and get to know them, but it is out of the school environment where support is often required. After school clubs in churches do not have to be Bible studies. Nor do they have to be clubs where God is last (or never) on the agenda. 

How could you start this yourself?

  • Create an environment in your church that welcomes young people; provide juice and snacks as it is just after school, and they will appreciate food. 
  • Make sure they have time to talk to each other and to the leaders before you attempt any organised games or activities. 
  • Find out what they like to do and organise your games and activities with that in mind.
  • Don’t be scared of introducing discussion starters that might lead to questions about faith. Young people can cope with it!
  • Use drama, video, games, craft, and music to engage with the young people.
  • Involve the young people in the leading of the group.