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Paired Reading

Being able to read is something most of us take for granted. However, some children lack the same opportunities and struggle with reading. Paired reading is an activity where a learner and a skilled reader read a text together. The learner takes over reading in sections where he or she feels confident. It is a brilliant opportunity to provide support to children who are struggling with their reading. Adults who can get alongside these children can make a positive impact to their lives by helping them develop this valuable and vital skill.

How could you start this yourself?

  • Check that you and any other interested volunteers have familiarised themselves with what is expected of a paired reader. You will also need to be in the PVG scheme.
  • Next, contact your local school and arrange a meeting with the Head Teacher.
  • At the meeting with the Head Teacher establish that you would like to help children with their reading. If there is a team of you that may be helpful to the school, as well as communicating the care and concern the local church has for the children.
  • Ask the Head Teacher if you can meet with the teacher of the class that you would be supporting to sort out how things will work (length of visit, day, time, etc) and the expectations that they have of you and you of them.