Pray for your school!
Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 2:47PM
Serve Your Local School

The start of a new school year marks a good time to support your local school. A great way to serve them is through prayer, asking for God’s blessing on the school, teachers and pupils as well as praying for their needs.

You might worry how praying for a school might be received, but the majority of responses are positive. Head teachers are often moved to think that someone cares enough to pray for them and their work, and praying often leads to local Christians coming forward to serve the local school community in practical ways.

In fact, Pray for Schools Scotland has seen a tremendous increase in schools prayer over the past few years, with over 50% of Scottish schools are now registered as prayed-for. If your school isn't prayed for by anyone else it will be added onto the ever-growing list.

If you plan to pray for a school or if you are already doing so – as an individual, group of parents or as a church - please consider registering with Pray for Schools Scotland. This gives you an opportunity to link with others praying for the same school. You will also receive a Pray for Schools Scotland Update newsletter in September, January and May, giving news, information and stories from others who are praying for their school. 

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