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Tell us about how the project started, what has developed, how it is resourced and your insight into the keys to success.

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A Head Teacher's View

The Head Teacher had a link with a chaplain who took assemblies. A new minister started at the local church, and offered to help at the school. Schools are often at the heart of a community, and since a church can be another key place in the community it is helpful when the church is part of the bigger picture.

What developed?

  • Lunchtime SU group
  • Craft workshops
  • Hymnbooks bought for school (helped to overcome a practical problem in relation to a copyright licence)
  • Lessons on 2nd World War
  • Classroom helpers
  • Assemblies
  • Links to Boy’s Brigade and Girl’s Brigade groups.

How is it resourced?

Through ministers, youth workers and volunteers from the community. “RSVPs” can play a big part (Retired Serving Voluntary People).

What is the key to success?

  • PVG checks are vital for any volunteer to be in the school.
  •  “What do you want us to do for you?” isn’t always a helpful question. Rather you should be able to come with ideas of what you could offer a school, whilst still bearing in mind that the church should offer to serve rather than bring its own agenda. Things change, needs crop up. If you are willing to be in relationship with the school long term, it is also helpful to be able to respond to needs as they arise.
  • Commitment is crucial. If you say you’ll be there, be there.
  • All that happens needs to benefit the children. It must never be about pushing a view onto a child, or forcing a response. However, a child could learn that a Christian is a normal fun person too!