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Initially the school chaplain was allowed in for some fairly traditional chaplaincy; the occasional assembly, and end of term services around Christmas and Easter. Some volunteers ran SU groups in the primary school. The church’s youth worker got involved where he could, helping in assemblies and SU groups, and starting a secondary SU group. Over eighteen months he became known to the staff and because of the trust that was established, he was able to develop many activities.

What developed?

  • A ‘rock school’ which met a need for a small group of young people in the secondary school who didn’t have a full timetable due to learning difficulties. It became a ‘mentoring’ style project for those involved.
  • An eight week course looking at issues affecting young people, especially alcohol. The group then ran a young enterprise scheme making and selling ‘mocktails’ at school events.
  • Church members sat their midas minibus test to act as volunteer drivers for the school.
  • The church also fundraises for the school.
  • After a tragedy, people in the church worked with the school to provide a pastoral team for listening, and helped to put on an interactive memorial service.
  • The church ran transition events (similar to a one day holiday club) for the P7 children with staff from the secondary school and the secondary SU group.
  • The church ran a drop in youth café in the church so they could connect with the young people from the school in a community setting too.

How is it resourced?

The local church fund the project.

What is the key to success?

  • Know that schools work isn’t set in stone; if you are genuinely responding to needs in the school the type of projects may vary from one year to the next.
  • Hold your own agenda lightly. The more of the ‘little’ things you do, the more openings there are to serve; be available to respond to those needs as they arise.
  • Relationship with the school staff is vital, from the janitors and secretaries through to the senior management team and the Head Teacher.
  • Keep prayer for the school as part of the church’s focus.