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Easterhouse Baptist Church

In the late 1990’s the church minister would deliver school assemblies. A children’s worker was appointed to the church staff team and wondered what else the church could be doing to support the school. She spoke to the Head Teacher, offering to do some classroom work. This offer was taken up, and she became a regular face in the school. She then grew links with another local primary through contact with a school secretary.

What developed?

  • Weekly lessons on issues such as ‘everyone is valuable'.
  • Regular class visits to the church including games and an item to take home, which aim to break down misconceptions.
  • The worker was invited to lead school assemblies once trust and relationship had built up.
  • They have had ‘Bible Wonderland’ exhibitions in the church, which is a mobile show of lights and painted storyboard characters showing the life of Jesus.
  • The church have organised the Sports Day each year.
  • The church have run a parenting group in the school, finishing just before the school day so parents are onsite to pick up their children afterwards.
  • Church members offer their time to prepare art activities or to help with displays, and do paired reading with some of the children.
  • The community sees the church as playing an important role. Around 58 children from the local school attend kids clubs in the church and are bussed in from the local area at the church’s expense.

How is it resourced?

  • Alongside the children’s worker are a youth worker and a trainee minister from a neighbouring church.
  • Funding has been applied for from different trusts.
  • Parents of children in the community have also been keen to get involved in raising money, as they feel the church’s contribution to their children’s lives is important. 

What is the key to success?

  •  If you want to build anything, relationship is everything
  • “People don’t care what you know, until they know you care,” (Bill Wilson)
  • Taking care over what you produce and do in the school is important; quality counts
  •  “If you ever need… keep me in mind, I’ll happily come in and do that" is a great offer, as there is no pressure on a teacher to accept the offer, and it is a genuine offer of help for a real need