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Troon Churches

Some volunteers decided to meet as a ‘Pray for Schools’ group to pray for their local primary schools. People attended from different churches and a real sense of community developed.

The group wrote to local Head Teachers asking “What can we pray for?” Not all responded, but some did. Teachers started to get in touch to ask for prayer for particular situations or children (but without naming which child!), and the group heard back about prayers that had been answered.

What developed?

  • They gave the schools some ‘It’s your move!’ booklets for the P7’s, and were asked if they could come in and help with the classes that prepare the children for the changes ahead
  • Now they help all the P7’s in the town get ready for transition into secondary school
  • They still meet to pray!

How is it resourced?

  • Through volunteers
  • The churches donate part of their budgets to purchasing the booklets for the P7 children

What is the key to success?

  • Prayer
  • Building relationships and trust with Head Teachers
  • Being willing to take opportunities that arise