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An important aspect of serving in schools is being aware of the individuals you are serving and supporting. Looking for the opportunities where you can release them to contribute more and allow them to be involved in the decisions for the group.

Gillian Orr encourages us to Stick it out for the one in ten

It’s very easy to get discouraged when it seems like our current work isn’t going in the direction we were planning or hoping for... So perhaps the important thing is to keep this perspective - that the picture we have right in from of us isn’t the whole, and we might not ever see the whole for ourselves. 

Gordon McBirnie reminds us that God always has a bigger picture in mind

Yes, it's heartbreaking to think that many people in the country haven't perceived Christians as concerned with one of our nation's biggest injustices.  The good news is that I deeply believe this tide is starting to turn...  we see so many Christians being drawn to this work.

Find out what is happening in American public schools.

What do you want us to do for you,” isn’t always a helpful question. Rather you should be able to come with ideas of what you could offer a school.

Read a Head Teacher's perspective.

Serve Your Local School aims to help churches in Scotland see the potential to play a part in their local school community and to make a real practical difference for the teachers, staff and pupils in the school. Learn more...

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We believe that every church can make a difference, regardless of the size of congregation, staff-team and resources. Keep checking back for updated ideas and information on training.

What people are saying about Serve Your Local School


Ewan Aitken, Council Secretary, Church and Society Council, Church of Scotland:

Serve Your Local School is a great initiative that will change lives, not just of the pupils and schools being served but of those called to serve. It builds community, makes faith real and helps all involved be the best they can be.


Andy Bathgate, CEO Scripture Union Scotland:

Serve Your Local School is an outstanding opportunity for the church to fulfil its God-given mission in the local community. It is amazing that schools are willing to welcome Christians who want to show the love of Jesus through serving others. Let’s grasp this opportunity and serve in every way we can.